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  • Japanese Culture & Photography

    Japanese Culture & Photography

    Japanese culture, food, sightseeing spots, and photography. Tokyo based Asian American professional photographer born and raised in Hawaii.

  • Happy Lee 李昆謀

    Happy Lee 李昆謀

    在網路產業混了20年,曾經以為是文青的工程師,發行過沒人看的雜誌,組了沒紅過的樂團,創過沒賺錢的公司,中年時在零售科技業似乎找到了人生的一點價值。聽說現在是91APP產品長。歡迎到FB追蹤我:https://fb.com/91app.happylee 。零售的科學主站:https://happylee.blog

  • 張藝耀 changyiyao

    張藝耀 changyiyao

    怡然心會,妙處難與君說。| You Have to Experience it with Your Heart, It is Difficult to use Words to Explain to you how Wonderful it is.

  • Doublethink Lab

    Doublethink Lab

    Doublethink Lab focuses on mapping the online information operation mechanisms as well as the surveillance technology exportation and digital authoritarianism.

  • J.C. Peters

    J.C. Peters

    Author of History That Changed the World (Odyssea Publishing, 2017). Published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, on CNBC, The Hill, Quartz, and other media.

  • Funky Lily

    Funky Lily

    「在現實中的理念,暴力這東西成了非暴力,相反地,非暴力的東西卻成了暴力。」我的青春就存在這麼一個年代。 https://www.facebook.com/funkylilywrites

  • Ken Worker

    Ken Worker


  • Arple Sean

    Arple Sean

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